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Python News
Python News

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ciscoconfparse 0.8.3a Parse through Cisco IOS-style configurations and retrieve portions of the config using a variety of query methods

pymage 0.3.0 Pygame helper package 2.2.2 Formlib-based controlpanels for Plone

cmdo 0.7 Create command-driven scripts with smart arguments and help derived from decorated functions

cisco_decrypt 0.8.3 decrypt Cisco Type 7 passwords

pynet 0.8.3 Efficiently manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

networkx 0.35.1 Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks

Editra 0.1.64 Developer's Text Editor

stomper 0.1.0 This is a transport neutral client implementation of the STOMP protocol.

plone.fieldsets 1.0rc2 An extension to zope.formlib which allows to group fields into different fieldsets. 1.0rc2 A collection of generally useful vocabularies for usage in zope.formlib. 1.0rc2 Plone integration for plone.contentrules

plone.locking 1.0rc2 webdav locking support

wicked 1.1.5 wicked is a compact syntax for doing wiki-like content linking and creation in zope and plone 1.0rc2 workflow and security settings for Plone 1.0rc2 Plone integration for the basic plone.portlets package 1.0rc2 Layout mechanisms for Plone

plone.memoize 1.0rc2 Decorator to memoize properties bound to a request 1.0rc2 Content Views for Plone

archetypes.kss 1.2-rc2 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Archetypes 1.2-rc2 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) for Plone

kss.demo 1.2-rc2 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) demo

kss.core 1.2-rc2 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) core framework

Products.PlonePAS 3.0rc2 PlonePAS adapts the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone.

SQLObject 0.9.1 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper

SQLObject 0.8.5 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper

SQLObject 0.7.8 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper

opencore 0.9a3 software

M2Crypto 0.18 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit

Recipes from the Python Cookbook
Recipes from the Python Cookbook

tkMath, convert between pixels, inches, cm and mm If you're writing some Tkinter software and you're sizing something in inches or centimeters and tkinter only gives you feedback in pixel distances then you may need a way to get back to your prefered units of measure. I recently found myself in this situation. There's nothing fancy about the set of functions here, it's more about the little known winfo_fpixels() function. Once you know about this everything else is a piece of cake. These functions are simple, but convenient.

Win Services helper A simple way to implement Windows Service.

using pyHook to block Windows Keys Normally you do NOT want to block operating system key combinations but there are a few legitimate cases where you do. In my case I am making a pygame script for my 1 year old to bang on the keyboard and see/hear shapes/color/sounds in response. Brian Fischer on the pygame mailing list pointed me to pyHook. This example was taken from here: and modified to use the pygame event system.

Backup your files Makes backup versions of files

Size of Python objects (revised). This recipe is an enhancement of recipe #544288 to determine the size of Python objects in bytes, The main differences are (1) classes and instances are handled separately, (2) old-style classes are treated as new-style ones, (3) a simple profile of the objects can be printed, and (4) 8 functions plus 1 class are exposed by this module. More information can be found in the documentation and the examples.

List classes, methods and functions in a module The recipe provides a method "describe" which takes a module as argument and describes classes, methods and functions in the module. The method/function description provides information on the function/method arguments using the inspect module.

Prime sieve generators Two simple generators for generating prime numbers using a prime sieve. gen_sieve(n) will produce all prime numbers <n, and gen_infsieve() will infinitely produce prime numbers.

isprime is an example of how one could use gen_sieve: a quick function for testing primality by attempting modulo division with each potential prime factor of a number.

Automate CATIA V5 with Python and Pywin32 This is small application shows how to automate the CAD/PLM Software CATIA V5 via win32com. CATIA V5 must be installed and should be running when testing the application. Other examples you can find on .

JSON RPC Server and client This recipe shows how to create JSON RPC client and server objects. The aim is to mimic the standard python XML-RPC API both on the client and server sides, but using JSON marshalling. It depends on cjson ( for the encoding/decoding of JSON data. This recipe tries to reuse the code of XML-RPC as much as possible.

Create single-file executables for windows This windows batch script uses python and py2exe to create a single, distributable .exe of your python code.

decorator for doctests This "tested" decorator assigns decorated_function.test() to call doctest.run_docstring_examples appropriately.

Indirect insertion of value to a list The code to insert a value to a list indirectly ordered by an extra index list is useful by itself.

Mixing features of "tree" and of "md5sum" : tree_md5 :) Have you ever wanted to describe a filesystem subtree with, as an extra bonus, the md5sum of each file ?

I have.

Here is a tiny Python script that mixes functions of "tree" and of "md5sum", just for your pleasure.

I wrote it with Python 2.4 under Linux.

Case-insensitive string replacement Python does not have case-insensitive string replacement built into the default string class. This class provides a method that allows you to do this.

remove directories recursively Extremely simple bit of code to remove a directory recursively.
Simply feed it the path of the top-level directory to remove, and off it goes.
As presented, there is no error-checking; failure at any point will stop the function and raise an IOError.

Unsupported sinze Python 2.5 Since Python 2.5 the automatic import of the module "" in the directory of the main program is not supported any more (even if the documentation says that it is). Putting this little script named "" in the default Python path like in "site-packages" should solve this problem.

gzip pipe for asynchronous use I've written a small class to handle a gzip pipe that won't read the whole source file at once, but will deliver small chunks of data on demand.

Meta programming for generating combination (anagram) of a string making a program that will write a program to find all the combinaison of a string

Convert Wordpress Export File to multiple html files Converts Wordpress Export Files (XML) to multiple html files and optionally uses tags and authors to create a directory structure.

ciscoconfparse 1.3.22 Parse through Cisco IOS-style configurations and retrieve portions of the config using a variety of query methods
pymage 0.3.0 Pygame helper package 4.0.0 Formlib-based controlpanels for Plone
cmdo 0.7 Create command-driven scripts with smart arguments and help derived from decorated functions
cisco_decrypt 0.8.3 decrypt Cisco Type 7 passwords
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