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Google Blacklisting of my Post about the Influence of Porn on media and why the semantic web cannot work. This is a public complaint about google blogsearch blacklisting of a single post of mine in the search results. A mistake in googles autocorrection feature must have been so embarassing for them, so they dont want you to see my post that contains it. This incident is indicative of googles power in controlling what input is allowed into peoples minds. Anything that is unpleasant for them can be made to just go away for millions of users. Anyone can be hit and you have no recourse, it was only by accident that I found out at all.

Advogato is (maybe not) going offline Advogato doesn't have to go offline. The choice is yours. Here's a quick update on where things stand.

Sponsorship offered for people to develop applications for Trolltech Greenphones on the mailing list, there have been offers of sponsorship for people willing to come up with, and implement, good ideas for mobile phone applications on trolltech's linux/qt Greenphone development kit.

My teacher, my lover, my advogato Creator, i am your dust copy touch me lightly with your finger tips water me tenderly with your dew drops. Creator, others say you are dead so I stopped, tracing.

Advogato is going offline With considerable sadness, I have decided to take Advogato offline. It has filled its purpose of demonstrating the trust metric ideas, which was the original purpose of the site.

Using trunk(4) interface in OpenBSD In OpenBSD you can use trunk(4) interface for creating link aggregation and link failover.

Poverty within 'Revolutionary Wealth' I am very impressed by C-SPAN program Newt Gingrage interviewing Alvin Toffler about his new book 'Revolutionary Wealth', especially life and passion shared between the two authors as husband and wife, thinkers and doers. Alvin says 'Heidi and I are reading machines'. They devour books not one at a time but many across vast different fields. I do the same plus another dimension, both in Chinese and in English.

SQL - stored procedures, views, and dynamic sql generation I first started getting significantly involved in SQL back in 2000. Within six months I had written pysqldb (one of the many reinvented dynamic SQL generators available) because hard-coding SQL statements I immediately concluded to be insane. I was constantly battling the management of the project because they wanted to create Views - and to get me to use them. I am now, once again, on a major SQL project, this time involving stored procedures. This article describes the SQL experiences - positive and negative - and outlines some of the advice that I've encountered from different sources.

As of 2005, only 4 members of Shaker are considered active who are these four Shakers? and how to get in touch with them is the question...

Zope 3 add forms Marius Gedminas shows us how to create a simple add form for Zope3 using formlib, but he then assumes the object in question accepts keywords in the __init__ method.

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